The Process

Each piece of jewellery is made using an ancient method called Lost Wax Casting, which is one of the oldest methods of jewellery making. I use this process because not only does it enable me to create intricate pieces of jewellery, it's also a beautiful and fun process. 

Everything I make starts its story as a drawing. I take inspiration from all sorts of things; feminism, social issues, ancient jewellery and anything dreamy or magical. All of my ideas have stemmed from things I love and care about. I have a whole sketch book of designs all waiting to become reality one day.

Once I have the idea on paper. I then get started. Everything starts off as a piece of wax. It is then hand-carved or sculptured by myself using lots of different tools and variants of wax. This is the most time consuming part of the process, but the most creative and magical part.

After a few hours, sometimes days of carving, sculpting, melting, engraving, and ensuring each piece is perfect. I then send it off to be cast into eco or recycled silver. I only use UK based casting companies and this is to ensure a fair wage is being paid to employees and to be able to establish a good relationship and trust with them. I use two casting companies who are also small businesses and care about the process and environment as much as I do. They both also only cast in recycled or eco silver. 

Once the casting is complete, the piece of jewellery is sent back to me in a raw form. This is a matte form with the sprue still attached. I hand finish everything and depending on how intricate the design is, sometimes it can take an hour two to finish it completely. It is finished using lots of different tools to get the perfect result. 

The packaging is just as important as the making. Each treasure is carefully hand packed by myself. You'll receive a little handwritten love note on a pretty postcard, a care cloth, a care booklet and your special piece packaged in keepsake box. It's my favourite part of the process. I love wrapping it up pretty knowing it's finally on its way to you! I hope you love your new treasure.