This Story...

...began in my tiny studio flat in Sydney, where I was living at the time. Starting with a makeshift bench (that I bought from a second-hand shop) and a few tools, I taught myself the basics of jewellery-making from reading books and watching YouTube videos.

I was working in fashion retail at the time. Seeing the waste that fast-fashion brings, the throw-away nature of it, and the way it affects our planet, I realised that our most treasured pieces of fashion are the ones that have lasted the longest and are made with care. The ones that you can't wait to tell stories of. 

So, I started This Story - a slow jewellery brand where you could get made-to-order jewels with meaning. Every single piece is handcrafted with love and care from recycled precious metals and ethical gemstones, designed to ignite stories and tales. 

All of the jewellery I make is sustainably made using the ancient lost-wax casting method in an eco-conscious studio by the sea, making every effort to reduce my waste in each step of my process.

Each piece is a keepsake. A treasure. I want it to tell your story, to speak to who you are, to make you feel powerful. lucky and protected.