This Story...


This Story is an independent jewellery brand designed to inspire storytelling and express individuality. Each piece of jewellery is ethically made using an ancient craft process and produced in small batches only.

This Story believes in slow fashion and creating pieces that will stand the test of time whilst always continuing to tell your story.

Everything is designed and hand produced in a sustainable workspace, using a jewellery making process called lost wax casting. Each piece is lovingly hand-carved from wax and sent off to a reputable casting company to be cast into recycled or eco metals. This means each piece is not only made by love, it also supports the local jewellery community.

I strive to be as sustainable as possible whilst creating jewellery. Shopping small means that you are not buying into fast fashion. I re-use everything in my studio, limiting wastage and I use recycled materials where possible. All gemstones are high quality, ethically sourced and conflict free from trusted suppliers.  My packaging is made by a small company based in the UK and is made from recycled materials. All promotional materials are also printed onto recycled card.

It's not always perfect but I am making changes every day and hope by the end of 2020 I will become a completely sustainable brand.