Sustainability Pledge

The jewellery industry definitely has its faults when it comes to poor ethical practices and can be challenging and time consuming to try and navigate at times. However, creating jewellery that has minimal impact on the environment is a core focus behind my brand. That’s why I’ve invested lots of time and research into the materials and suppliers I use.

I create jewellery that is made to last forever and will hopefully be passed down as treasured heirlooms for years to come. No fast fashion here, just individually produced pieces that tell a story and have minimal impact on the world.

As a business owner I pledge:
  • To only use eco or recycled metals.
  • To only source gemstones that are either reclaimed or 100% ethical and conflict-free from trusted suppliers that are able to trace them back.
  • To ensure that all my packaging is recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable where possible.
  • To always maintain my workspace in a sustainable way. Ensuring there is minimal waste and strict recycling practices in place.
  • To ensure my production process is vegan, by using polishing compounds that do not contain animal fat and refraining to use tools that contain leather or rawhide. 
  • To only use UK based casting companies to support my local community and ensure fair wages.      
There is always work to be done when implementing sustainable practises, but I promise to always work ethically and strive for better practises. Read more about how I practice sustainability here