My Story...

This Story was created by me, Anna Sweet. I’m the one woman show behind everything you see. I started making jewellery in 2014 when I was living in Sydney, but it wasn't until 2018 that it transitioned into a business. I’ve always been in love with jewellery. As a kid I constantly rummaged through my mum’s jewellery box, obsessed with the story behind each piece.

I initially started my journey into jewellery-making purely to make jewellery for myself. I always struggled finding rings that fitted me and I was sick of buying jewellery from fast fashion brands that turned my skin green, ended up smelling of copper and were unkind to the planet. I saw a gap for affordable, jewellery that fitted perfectly and told a story.

I’ll never forget the feeling I got when I received my first piece of custom jewellery from a jeweller I had loved for so long. It bought me so much joy. It still does when I wear it. I’ve never lost the love for it and I wanted to create that feeling for other people.

When starting This Story I knew that I wanted custom jewellery to be at the heart of the business, but I also wanted to build collections into the brand that held powerful messages and really stood for things I cared about.

I am a self-taught jeweller but have developed my skills along the way through different courses and classes. I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than making jewellery that I know will be treasured and past down for years to come.