When I was younger I was obsessed with magic and I looked for it everywhere. I believed that if I looked hard enough I’d catch a fairy off-guard or a flower singing. I even used to spy on my cat and dog and wait for them to talk to each other when no one was around lol! I felt magic most when I was out in the garden on a warm summer’s day. Nature felt like the epitome of magic, it felt like wonderland! I would comb clover patches trying to find four-leafed clovers because I was convinced that if I found one, I’d suddenly gain powers. I would make daisy chains and leave them in flower patches as gifts to the fairies. Nature was an escapism.

As you grow older it’s a little harder to find magic. I think fondly of the memories I have searching for something special in nature and I love anything that feels nostalgic. Wonderland was born from those fond feelings and memories. I wanted to create a collection of treasure that felt fun, powerful and of course magical. You can find nostalgic shapes, whimsical characters and rainbow-coloured gemstones. A collection of jewellery that attracts love, luck and happiness that you can keep forever.

I hope that each piece in the Wonderland collection makes you feel nostalgic and wishful. I’ll be dropping new rings, necklaces and earrings each month so that you can build your collection. Expect to see lots of hearts, stars and flowers embedded with bright, colourful gemstones and there will be a couple of new happy faces to meet too.



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