A question I get asked a lot is how to find out your ring size. It's not something we usually think about until we want to buy a ring and it can be confusing to know where to start.

Luckily, there are many ways you can figure out your ring size. Here are my top tips:

Use a ring sizer

The most accurate way to figure out your ring size is to use a ring sizer. They're cheap, easy-to-use and very accurate. They work like a belt does, you just loop the ring sizer around your finger and adjust it so that it fits comfortably on your finger, then take your size.

It's important that the ring sizer slides on and off without being too easy or too difficult, and you want it to sit comfortably at the base of your finger. You can find ring sizers easily online, and I also sell them here.

Get measured at your local jewellery shop

Another great way to get an accurate measurement is to have your fingers measured in your local jewellery shop. A jeweller will have a ring sizer gauge they can use to measure each finger and it takes two seconds to do. 

Use the Jason Withers ring sizing app

If you have rings that already fit your fingers you can easily measure them using the Jason Withers Ring Sizer app. I'm a huge fan of this free app and I recommend it to everyone. All you need to do is pop your ring on the screen of you phone and adjust the blue circle to sit inside of your ring, and it'll give you the ring size. It's super easy and so useful to have on your phone. 

If you have any have any questions regarding your ring size then don't hesitate to contact me.

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